OSU Vanity Plates

The Ohio State Alumni Club of Sarasota-Manatee is taking the lead to have an Ohio State vanity plate created in Florida. The state of Florida requires 4,000 residents to indicate their desire to purchase the vanity plate before the plates can be produced. If it is your desire to pay an additional $33 on a yearly basis to have an Ohio State vanity plate, please complete this very short survey.

This is the Possible design.  We will work with the Ohio Sate office of Trademark & Licensing if there is enough interest.

Please complete the survey by December 31, 2021

Your response to the survey will go to the Alumni Association.  If more than 4,000 alumni and fans indicate an interest, then we will proceed with the next steps to have the vanity plate created.

Questions can be directed to John August – BuckeyeJohn@gmail.com, current President of the Sarasota-Manatee Alumni Club

Link – Florida Vanity Plate License Plate Interest Survey